E04 : FinTech, Crypto & Asset Tokenization (w/ Dr Patrick Schüeffel)

Dr Patrick Schüeffel is a seasoned banking professional as well as an adj Professor at the School of Management Fribourg. Currently residing in Singapore, he’s an advocate of FinTech and asset-tokenisation as well as a frequent speaker at international conferences (you might have seen him at  Cloud Expo Asia, the Blockchain Economic Forum in San Francisco or the iBlockchain Summit in Shenzhen, China).

In this episode we talk about how to define FinTech, the contrast between corporate and consumer driven innovation as well as the different kinds of challenges that incumbent and challenger banks face.

We also dive into the state of the crypto-market and talk about how to evaluate the utility of crypto-projects, the thin line between security and utility tokens, the need for sufficient regulation of the crypto market and the immense promise of asset-tokenisation.

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E03 : Rise Legs – revolutionizing prosthetics in India

In today’s interview I sit down with Arun Cherian, Founder and CEO of Rise Legs. Rise Legs is a startup from Bengaluru, India, that aims to revolutionize the Indian prosthesis market.

Rise Legs creates low-cost cane prosthesis that not only outperform powered carbon-fiber prosthesis, but also look absolutely stunning. Based on proprietary 3D scanning and carving technologies, Rise Legs is attempting to personalize and localize prosthetics, drastically increasing the quality of life of a great number of patients.

We talk about Arun’s background in advanced robotics, how he decided to leave academia to found his company, Rise Leg’s unique production process, the problems with today’s mass-produced prosthesis, and Arun’s passion for making people’s lives better.

Find out more about Rise Legs :

Website : http://www.riselegs.com/
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/riselegs/

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E02 : Maecenas – tokenizing Andy Warhol

Today’s guest is Marcelo García Casil, founder and CEO of Maecenas – a crypto-based marketplace that gives art lovers the chance to buy shares in famous paintings.

We talk about asset tokenization in general, the tokenization of fine art in particular and about how Maecenas recently tokenized and auctioned a very famous Andy Warhol painting on their platform.

To learn more about Maecenas, visit the following website:
And of course you can also find Marcelo on twitter :

E01 : Innovation and DeepTech in Asia

In this pilot episode I introduce myself and explain why I launched The Future Growth Podcast.

Certain technological innovations will profoundly change and shape the way we live our lives over the next decade. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Gene Editing, HealthTech and others.

Innovation in Asia is moving at neck-breaking speeds due to a large availability of capital, a strong willingness to invest, the availability of the brightest and most creative minds and a favorable regulatory context.

One of the advantages of living in Singapore is that one gets to people working on a large variety of deeptech innovations. The goal of this podcast is to have such people on as guests and help listeners in Europe and the United States get a better grip on the latest Deeptech developments in Asia.